Friday, October 31, 2008

recollect dead

if you attend on holiday party/event tonight, come to this. the shoes are so super sick. This is why i didn't get any sleep all week.

Opening reception: Friday, October 31, 2008, 8 pm – 2 am | Party
On view: Friday, October 31 – Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Gallery at CAVE
1600 Clay Ave. Detroit, MI - Russell Industrial Center Building 4. 3rd Floor.

Detroit, MI—Recollect-dead, Loosely blends the spirit of Halloween and traditions of Day of the Dead with sneaker and skateboard culture. Featuring 30 pairs of Vans shoes designed by a strong line up of Detroit based artists including Donald Kilpatrick, Dave Chow, Joe Schlaud, Kristina Rafalski, Vincent Troia, Aubrey Stalnaker, Nate Morgan, as well as Boston based illustrator, Leo Espinosa and many others. This is a Halloween Party that encourages costumes, dancing, viewing and clean fun.

The theme of the show is inspired by the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead.” The artist is asked to pay tribute to the death of something of meaning and inspiration, and certainly is not limited to human loss. Included with the shoes will be a 12x18 additional work that will accompany the shoes and help narrate their ideas. Shying away from the standard day of the dead subject matter, artists are expected to reach beyond the holiday's traditional symbols and motif. Halloween costumes are encouraged, and expected to push creative limits.

Plenty to eat and drink and a costume contest held during the night with goodies to give away to winners. DJ Johnny Mac will keep the vinyl coming all night so tell you’re momma you won’t be coming home.

All work and shoes will be available for purchase. Artists may be commissioned for specific sizes in shoes. For press inquiries or information about the work in the show, please contact Andrew Davis at 248.361.1752 or

For more information visit, and


Aww Sweet is a visionary event planning and curating organization that links exhibits, artists networking, and parties all under one roof to inspire people's involvement within their community's art scene.

CHIIPSS is a local skateboard shop owned by Pat Miller located in Plymouth, MI. Pushing for the integrity of skateboarding in communities and skater-owned shops.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

argo not... Yes!

I have been too tired to change into pajamas lately so this will be quick. today i was given a tour of the Argonaut Building, the ex-GM headquarters was donated to College for Creative Studies. The Eleven story structure will house a charter middle and high school, as well as many new facilities for CCS; droms, Graduate School, moslty design programs.

Okie i will go into the tour more. i promise for now here is one of the professors looking over blueprints in the academic offices.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

create every day

my shoes, pre-paint

Life for this little lady is super busy right now. I've spent the last few days up in the russsell industrial center working on a show my friend andrew is curating. As well as producing my personal work, other various stories, and making a piece for the show.

The russell Industrial center is the place i took a photograph of the wolf/dog daisy on the roof. It was a factory abandoned, but has since been converted into artist studios. It's pretty concentrated of the two million square feet some perts are desolate while others are growing artwork and fostering community. My good friends, part of the Aww Sweet Collective, Invisiblebully, and cave gallery, they have brought the old shows at bobs classic kicks, good wood detroit 07, good wood brooklyn 08, art battle 08, and now are doing an exchange with Canbrook. I had a discussion with an media mogul in detroit, and he asked why we don't have strong art collectives in detroit. I told him we did, and imediatly went to andrew with the idea of starting a zine. soo look out for the future of aww.. sweet. zine, website, web store. come out on friday it's gonna be aww.. sweet ruckus.

Monday, October 27, 2008

how we post to keep peace?

I wandered around africa today, it's actually the largest brownfield in Michigan, the old Belle Tire site. It's a large piece of property on the river, i've read that the land is so contaminated you would have to remove the soil up to 6 feet... I'm sorry i'm really distracted.. my friend just sent me this video documenting the sensation that is the song "It's so cold in the D"

anyways here is one of my flicks from todays wanderings in the hail.

The story of the balloons..

I had a dream where i was on a train to san francisco to teach young girls. On the way i got lost and started wandering around a huge moving mall. The principal of the school called me (my friend Ellesworth) and told me it was ok to wander for a while. I walked down a street filled with stores and was swallowed up by a sex shop, completely surprised i fell out the door turned a corner and was at a bike shop. continuing to wander i walked down a suburban street and all the sudden it started raining. when i looked up there was a little black rain cloud floating above me. On second glance it was a group of black balloons.. so today i recreated it. kinda.

see the rest at

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i'm so tired. it's my birthday. so this is not a proper post. but i shot this today. and i finished the flicks from the paper factory.. so look at

good night.