Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the stoop

Previously in the blog i have reveled about the quiet of my new nieghboorhood (the other end of Woodbridge) but the other evening on my balcony, i kinda missed the action of the old house.

pictured here---->
my little home on the prarie

It's located right on Trumbull, almost at Grand River, I lived there for a year with 3 friends.

One night my roommate and I were sitting on our stoop; the best stoop ever, drinking before a bike ride and a woman coming out of our neighbors house (the same front door as ours) got into her car. Immediately after pulling out of her spot another car going 45mph on Trumbull side swiped her, sending the two auto's into a third parked across the street. Everyone in the area ran out of their apartments screaming, while Vince and I sat perplexed to have seen such a thing. I grabbed some of the younger kids to calm them down. We called the cops, and they arrested the woman from my house for a DUI. All in a good Friday evening, sitting on the stoop.

car accident

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


empty spaces
i"m too overwhelmed with thoughts right now. this image is of the empty lots in the MOTOR city. on the eve of a major automotive bailout. one has to wonder, where our country would stand if we had invested in alternative fuel sources, public and alternative transportation, and also fell out of our love for constant sprawl. Life would be much different.

Monday, November 17, 2008


another night where i have a few too many things to talk about. Luckily one thing stands above the rest... We now have another thing to be proud of our very own FUNK NIGHT was voted the Number One Party in America by paper magazine!!!!!!!

The boys just got home from the ceremony in New York and i am lucky enough to be sitting next to the statue they won. OH BITCH MUNNY!!!!!!

The cute little disco ball clad character summarizes almost a decade of dirty detroit partyin', that apparently won the heart of a nation! The hardy event started by Scott Craig has changed locations several times, but took on a life of it's own at CAID (the Contemporary Art Institure of Detroit, formally the Detroit Contemporary). Since then it has changed venues and thanks to the tireless promotions, sick tunes, and good venue selections the crowd has followed. This impartial photographer has taken notice and made it my favorite night out of the month for as long as i can remember.

Funk night follows in the strong tradition of the Untitled Parties which received national recognition from Rolling Stone as one of the best parties in America. It is a prime example of the fact that we like to party.

The next one will be the last friday of the month at the russell industrial center. better not miss out.

Here is video i shot three years ago at caid... not the best quality... but you can see the crowd.

caid funk night

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vincent York with his Guvvy.. The rest of these will be on detroit metromix.

Not much to say today. my sleep tank stays perpetually empty about now. I'm not complaining. i've spent my waking hours in some wonderful situations lately. i hope for them to continue.. even if that means i never sleep more then 3 hours a night, ever again.
Tonight i sat with some very awesome characters at the local watering hole Motor City Brewery. There is a new Record Label on the block, woodbridge records, run partily out of the Grey Shack on Merek and Comonwealth, They've signed The Summer Pledge, Noman, and I. Crime. Pushing on through and making things happen several of the woodbridge gang discussed establishing a record store across from the Woodbridge Pub with partial Emergence ( label owner Mike Medow.

People changing the shape of the world one street corner at a time.

Other then that i covered the Guvvy awards. The governors awards in arts and culture, i hung out with Devin Scallion, and watched as Lois Teicher won a life time achievement award.

the snow is beautiful.