Thursday, August 12, 2010


geometry, originally uploaded by vanessamiller.

Sometimes life just makes sense.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I want to thank Model D ahead of time for getting me into the PSFK Salon at the DIA tomorrow!

I look forward to hearing Jerry from Loveland speak on a panel, as well as meet other great thinkers and movers!

and because i can't post with out leaving a photo...

here is a sneak peak of the interiors i shot for the Woodbridge pub!
The Woodbridge Pub

long time no see...

Hey guys,
No point in giving the listed explanation why i haven't been posting. I'm here. i've been working hard...
a quick run down of this summer...

I have also been managing

visiti visit!

The New York Times, August 4, 2010
rain dancing
table set
Underwater city/Hospital Detroit, Mi

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh boy are you ready

Because I am. The Things I am workinon right now are massive. the biggest projects i have ever worked on. get ready for a blitz in blogging. here we go round one.

10 years ago I was a 15 year old dancing in Hart Plaza as Ritchie Hawtin Blew my mind closing the first year of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. I have attended every year since...we sure have been through alot together... 2006 was the first year I was officially assigned to photograph the festival..... working for Real Detroit weekly ( at the time.... i dug my feet into the electronic party scene and followed every twist and turn the beat took me on. See my set from the fest here!

by some twist of fate... richie hawtin headline that year too.
packed last night

I also did a shoot with Bocci Hair Salon team this weeked... my favorite raw image so far.

raw outake from todays hair shoot

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the big slow down

I have written this over and over. how to catch up. Where do i begin.
Nothing nowhere

I have been writing this blog for about a year and a half. I started with a clear vision, to shed light and photographs of daily life in Detroit. I have searched tirelessly for the positive while acknowledging the bad. Here i am at a cross roads in every possible avenue of my life including this blog.
I have not posted because the past month and a half held some very unfortunate circumstances. I am still learning how to live and accept the things that have happened, my friends and family have been the key getting through this. Them along with the wonderful hands of time; healing bones and putting things back into their places.
I am unsure where tomorrow may take me... i am unsure what photographs i may make... I am making plans to move forward while listening to my heart and body.
Another trip to the hospital
I need to stop feeling bad for myself so that i can start doing good for other people.

Crutches and bikes

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living in a city without mass transit woes

My trusty automobeast seems to have caught a cold, whether it is the freezing temperature or she is growing weary in her old age it makes me realize the true implications of living in a city without a functioning network of public transit. My bike can take me far but mass rapid transit would put my mind at ease.

In other news;
Art things.

Women : A celebration of Art and Culture from philip southern on Vimeo.

The womens event we held at the crofoot was a smashing sucess. We exceeded all of our goals! We built a network of professional relationships with amazing women and were able to make a donation to the Michigan Womens Foundation ! See this movie I created along with Katie Barkel (Kate Mcqueen), Lauren David and Amy Kaherl

Love & Bummers & Women's Stats Loop from KATE McQUEEN on Vimeo.

We recieved an incredible amount of press for the event and the definite highlight of the evening was at midnight when Jessica Hernandez performed!

Jessica Hernandez singing during Women : A celebration of Art and Culture. from philip southern on Vimeo.

here are some other photo galleries and articles

Phew, the recovery from this amazing event had to be rushed because i will be included in 2 more shows... on in March at the Detroit Artists Market and on in April in Rochester!

I was able to get to some photos that have been on the back burner however.

women: a celebration of art and culture
the get up kids, Majestic Theater, October
the get up kids
the hub bike sprints
hub sprints
detroit on a snow day
detroit, snow day
Phreddy whischusen
Phreddy Wischusen

that is it for now. look up to the future... i will spend the first week in march on a much desired and needed vacation but will be interviewed on NPR tomorrow... and showing and shooting lots and lots when i get back!

Friday, February 5, 2010

manic friday

if there is a theme with which i am Particularly concerned, it is the contemporary failure of love. I don't mean romantic love or sexual passion, but the love which is the specific and particular recognition of one Human being by another- the response by eye and voice and touch of two solitudes. the democracy of universal vulnerability.
- Isabella Gardner

Blogging feels like a step forward even though i am caught in the same routines... or i feel that way... still each day is different. Each day lately has been a mess of a hundred new challenges.... i have to deal with all of these while improving on the routine... no wonder i have been feeling a bit manic.

manic pixels. the problems caused by resampling.

i've been feeling like this lately

with the help of a few beautiful best friends... an amazing house and the ever talented Make-up and hair of Erica Dubroy we shot these images
warm windows
snow queen

on top of that a few of my friends are getting married so i made this for their save the dates! Congrats Jamie and Holly!
jamie and holly engagement

If you are looking for something to do tonight, my neighbors, Blank Artists are turning 5!!!!!! Bring your party pants and dancing shoes...

I should be doing yoga above Mexican Town Bakery tommorow morn and enjoying Soup on sunday... a community dinner getting started to fund local creative grants.
if you need more infor about any of these things please feel free to e-mail me.
Happy Friday!