Friday, February 5, 2010

manic friday

if there is a theme with which i am Particularly concerned, it is the contemporary failure of love. I don't mean romantic love or sexual passion, but the love which is the specific and particular recognition of one Human being by another- the response by eye and voice and touch of two solitudes. the democracy of universal vulnerability.
- Isabella Gardner

Blogging feels like a step forward even though i am caught in the same routines... or i feel that way... still each day is different. Each day lately has been a mess of a hundred new challenges.... i have to deal with all of these while improving on the routine... no wonder i have been feeling a bit manic.

manic pixels. the problems caused by resampling.

i've been feeling like this lately

with the help of a few beautiful best friends... an amazing house and the ever talented Make-up and hair of Erica Dubroy we shot these images
warm windows
snow queen

on top of that a few of my friends are getting married so i made this for their save the dates! Congrats Jamie and Holly!
jamie and holly engagement

If you are looking for something to do tonight, my neighbors, Blank Artists are turning 5!!!!!! Bring your party pants and dancing shoes...

I should be doing yoga above Mexican Town Bakery tommorow morn and enjoying Soup on sunday... a community dinner getting started to fund local creative grants.
if you need more infor about any of these things please feel free to e-mail me.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it has been a month....

wow alot has happened.....

Still from a film i am working on with the help of the very awesome Katie Barkel, Amy Kaherl and Lauren david. It will be shown at the Women event at the Crofoot in Pontiac on Feb 13th.

movie still....

when i don't blog for awhile i get all clogged up like a hose... i don't want to subject you to a rant so i will try to keep this short....

Over the past month the busy buss has continued to truck along.... less time spent shooting then doing; having meetings... prepping images, doing comercial work and wrapping my head around some personal issues and upcoming projects.

But i have taken some images...

To me, she looks like she belongs in a renaissance painting done by one of the great masters. I really love it. Hard to believe she is only 22... you can tell she is an old soul. Jessica Hernandez Check out her music here --->
jessica hernandez

Lastly I would like to give a shout out to the Icehouse Project. After seeing my "Make it Happen" portrait series at the Detroit Lives Exhibition they ran some of my stuff on thier blog. see what they ran here here

I have to return the favor (not that they need it). Their project has been receiving incredible amounts of international press and was on the cover of the Detroit Free Press. If i can get out of work early enough ever i have been promised a sneak peek and i will be requesting how they feel about the negative wrap out of town artists and journalists have been receiving.
high five guys good job!