Wednesday, July 8, 2009

rejek shun

man down

Above Flick is Andrew Davis, former sound engineer of the white room studios, he had a few to many on the 4th of july and ended up like this in the yard of the grey shack, across the street from the Woodbridge pub. We Barrel rolled over there until we hopped on the bikes and rode to tour detroit with special guest (and former Detroiter) Mike Servito, all the way from NYC. The party above Eph McNallys on woodward was hotter then a sauna, and quickly became a scantly clad, gyrating crowd. I can't tell you when i left but the sun was rising as i rode down commonwealth towards home.

I'm trying to write a blog so i can feel better about my writing.

I have been rejected alot lately. dont feel confident with my writing or photos. gotta make more, experience more, so i can fall in love and believe in what i am doing again.

Upcoming events.
Meeting with the incredible Detroit Documentarian Bill Rahuser
Photographing the Allied Media Conference (Official Photographer)
Work in a Post-Apocalyptic city show at 323 East, curated by Robert Devalle
Good Wood-Philly
Analog Social Experiment v2.0 at Dally in the Alley
Planning Events With Detroit Lives! Phillip!

some more studio work