Wednesday, December 3, 2008

up all night

sleep comes in waves. for most of us here in the d. New york never sleeps but Detroit never stops if you know where to go. Pretty sure Tyler (of the misinformants) and Brandon (belle isle academy) hadn't slept a wink when i took this photograph of them at a day party at the old miami. Brandon was screaming at tyler for me not to take this photograph. I could make an entire entry about this boy and his love for vamilla scented garbage bags. for now this is enough.
tyler and brandon
Detroit in the winter is an interesting place. It slows down people hibernate. People pack the bars huddling drinking Whikey for warmth. Motor City Brew was packed tonight for art Wednesdays. Big Whigs from the Dam, and GPAC, and CCS all attended Matt Hanna's opening. Reminds me of the song "hooray" by minus the bear.

its cold and snow's actually on the ground of this no-snow town.
and instead of cars, street's trafficing in sleds.
men become boys again.
and there's a war on the corner with no guaranteed winner.
its just a snow fall of snow balls, evidence of the winter.

And i can feel my hands again.
we're almost home.

it's 2 pm and our snow is falling still as our good city lay still.
and our friends are packed around some no smoking bar
warming on alcohol.
we step into the silence, yeah, AND we step slowly and quiet.

All boys come on and girls join up
just don't grow old.
All boys come on and girls join up
we're almost home

This is all we want:
Time to be with us,
a home to lift the cold.

Still cold, the snow's turning into rain and melting away and
All these days slip by us
so let's keep them.

All boys come on and girls join up
just don't grow old.
All boys come on and girls join up
we're almost home

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nain Rouge

A ghost that haunts detroit. The Nain Rouge, apparently is a dwarf that appears coincidently with horrible things that happen in the D. Since Detroit was founded this little bugger has appeared before the catropshoic Detroit fire that destroyed most of the city, prompting Father Richard to coin Detroits motto "spearmus meliora resurget cineribus", we hope for better days, it shall rise from the ashes. as well as before the riots on 12th street in 1967. i hope i don't run into him. read further.

Apparently Detroit Beer Companies "rouge beer" is named after the creature.

"The Nain Rouge, French for "red dwarf" or "red gnome" is a mythical creature that originated in Normandy, France[1], as a type of lutin.
In the United States, it haunts Detroit, Michigan, United States and feared by its residents as "the harbinger of doom." (Skinner 1896) Its appearance is said to presage terrible events for the city. The Nain Rouge appears as a small child-like creature with red or black fur boots. It is also said to have "blazing red eyes and rotten teeth." (Skinner 1896)"
-stolen from the ever so trusty wikipedia

this is the only rouge i've seen in the city. it tried to kick my bum. this little jerk lives at Crow Manor, a collective located on trumbull just past grand river.
oh hai

Monday, December 1, 2008

i'm tired of blogging. it's making me question the things i really value in life. so, out of continued habit. and nothing better to do then, well, sleep or smoke cigarettes, neither of which i am particularly fond of. i'll return to something that seriously inspired me.

"every man, woman and child is creative. It is Impossible to wake up without inventing and re-inventing the world."

"creativity is a reason to continue with vigor in daily lives, Hope.

Pier Giorgo Di Cicco
poet laureate of toronto

When i was at the Creative CIties Summit a few months ago, i was sitting on top of the Detroit Chamber of commerce. Listening to violins and drinking wine, i snuck away to phone my dad and tell him i was 5 feet away from the poet laureate of toronto. The next evening at another wine drinking event (intellectuals are wino's) he sat down next to me, and began to tell me how much he loved detroit, how he could taste it. I think i blogged about this before.... i just thought it was noteworthy again.. it meant alot to me.

hopefully tomorrow i'll feel better about all of this. maybe it's the rain that has consumed the city. my skin is itching and my insides are aching to shoot. but with the darkness setting in well before i can escape my job, and freezing raindrops.. i am in a funk. i don't even know what to do in the winter. for the past 6ish years every weekend i shoot my bum off. and work on the flicks all week. ugh.


Sunday, November 30, 2008


crazy holiday weeeekend. friends were in town from alabama.... we celebrated. much.
view the rest at

lots and lots of music and rowdying. and not back to your regularly scheduled programing.

i watched fordireifesake and the weakend and wafflehouse play thier last/reunion shows.
went to americas best party. funk night at the russell industrial center...
the weakends last show
the weakends last show
also saw kids perform at the cave space
cave space

i think i need a break from blogging. or inspiration or something.