Monday, February 16, 2009

no more whining

for gosh sakes. get it together. okie.

message to myself. i'll give more of a real.. not sappy update after work.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

yet again

church mouth, originally uploaded by jeremydamaske.

thats me in the middle of an abandoned church on valentines day.

i havn't posted for a long time.

i'm pretty sure no one reads this right now which is ok.

i've been livin my life. trying in vain as usual to live it right. made some things happen. inspired several people to do things that would change the world but somehow i can't keep my own life together. i can help others with theirs but then mine crumbles again.

i guess thats the breaks. i had several new years resolutions. so far none of them have lasted. i am misrible at watching out for my own well being. a sucker for guilty pleasures.. i guess it is what inspires me though...

i havn't written for weeks. but the second someone fucks up in my life, i can't stop.

anyways here is the meat, yes i said meat, of the problem. if i had a dollar for every boy who has promised to build me a website. i would be a very well-off lady. i need to learn it on my own, but i would rather be photographing something or riding a bike then staring at a computer. so version 85 million point oh, has been pulled again.

i never had real hopes of it happening, you can only do that so many times. but. thats what it is. yep, i'm mopey. want to take some awful photographs and break bottles.

boys and girls.... whoever thought of that should be kicked in the soul.

so sick of this.

got to keep making it happen.