Tuesday, April 21, 2009

new directions

taking things in a new direction
ready for din?

Dear blog-o-sphere,
It's been too long, it really has. The last conversations we had, were not well. It has been a long hard winter, but spring has shown her face, despite the still biting cold and rain on my window, she is here.... i guess she is being timid, as most of us are after a nap.
Some people fall in love in the spring, i kick my own ass into over drive. In the Past month i have executed a 3 day shoot of our bike shop, over 25 formal portraits of the movers and shakers in detroit, and traveled over 1000 miles to shoot another 8 gigs of wedding and travels in the east. (Please note i have had some good assistance, and people are getting excited about my projects).
My body is tired and sore, my mind is aflame, i hope that as winter eases her grasp, i can awake from hibernation... and continue to deliver news from the streets of this wonderful city.

much love

young at heart

young at heart, originally uploaded by s o u t h e n.

this was taken on a recent trip out to the east coast coast, i was lucky to be invited by two very talented photographers, bobby alcott and ryan southen. even luckier that ryan caught this image of me being an uber nerd, on the turnpike somewhere in jersey. drawlin pictures to keep my mind busy from missing my detroit. Although, i think i left a piece of my heart in philly, i can not wait to go back.