Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Round up!

It has been a very insane few months here in Detroit. Probably the busiest time of my whole life, many good things have happened and i feel privileged to live this life. The most concerning issues have been Michigan cutting funding to students, and the growing distaste for out of town documenters and journalists... for self preservation i have stayed out of the debate. However, the argument is very valid. Talk about stimulating the local economy, these media outlets should be utilizing the people who live and work here. The amount of surface coverage of the city of Detroit, feels exploitative to many locals... to tell a uniquely Detroit story, they are looking in the wrong places.

The Detroit story, only as a notch in ones' belt makes us no more important then a one night stand. This is becoming more and more apparent as carbon copy stories of decay, and failure are reaching news stands. Even the stories of hope are being recycled... there is even now a drinking game about it... go here to play, i can promise it is a good time.

Aside from that we have accomplished much in this marathon, the shows started with the Post-apolptic Motor City at 323 East in royal oak curated by famed local art critic Robert DeValle

the outside of the gallery was transformed by cass corridor and international artist chris turner

transformation, 323 East in Royal Oak

i contributed this image of a tired worker at Lafeyette Coney Island

lafeytte coney island

Up next was the second installation of the Analog Social Experiment at Dally in the Alley, the best festival in the mid-west, took place inbetween the apartment buildings of Cass Corridor, the Diverse festival drew over 8000 attendees, 30 bands and many vendors. People were dancing in the streets from 10 am untill about 2 am, and Recycle Detroit (ran by friend Sarah Kubick with the help of the recyclowns) turned 85% of the trash into gold.

The installation was a great success and many of the visitors contributed, creating a visual record of the event.

<3 detroit

people dancing in the street

people dancing in the street, Dally in the Alley

In the between we did some exploring

through the overgrowth


ate some delicious vegan brunch

Klair Urbin, vegan brunch chef

had some labor day bbq's in woodbridge

ashley on labor day bbq in woodbridge

saw the opening of the Taubmen center part of the ford educational system and College for Creative Studies. Promising 90 percent of freshman will graduate, and 90 percent will continue onto higher education (the graduation rate of freshman in Detroit Public Schools is 21 percent). CCS Design and Graduate programs, along with 300 residents are also housed in the building, which was General Motors old Headquarters.

ribbion cutting at the taubmen center

as that renovated structure was re-opened, Detroit City Officials tore down the classic and beautiful Lafayette Building.

-see more photos of the inside here

whole of the flooded hallway with light too.

Between all of that... I shot a few Weddings, a few Oil Fires and began teaching a class at CCS.

Had a show at the Detroit League of Photographers studio in the Russell Industrial Center, as part of the Detroit Art now Weekend.... and am finally wrapping everything up with a custom Skate Deck show in Philadelphia. The Proceeds from the show will go to benefit the non-profit stay true... it is a group of internationally renowned artists, who will descend on love park for an evening of genuine ruckus. FInd out more about the event here---->

this is one of the test images for my deck.

dia de los muertos one of many

so thats about it. going to relax for a little while now. edit months of backed up images. Pack for philly. Hopefully i will see you there. Over an out.