Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living in a city without mass transit woes

My trusty automobeast seems to have caught a cold, whether it is the freezing temperature or she is growing weary in her old age it makes me realize the true implications of living in a city without a functioning network of public transit. My bike can take me far but mass rapid transit would put my mind at ease.

In other news;
Art things.

Women : A celebration of Art and Culture from philip southern on Vimeo.

The womens event we held at the crofoot was a smashing sucess. We exceeded all of our goals! We built a network of professional relationships with amazing women and were able to make a donation to the Michigan Womens Foundation ! See this movie I created along with Katie Barkel (Kate Mcqueen), Lauren David and Amy Kaherl

Love & Bummers & Women's Stats Loop from KATE McQUEEN on Vimeo.

We recieved an incredible amount of press for the event and the definite highlight of the evening was at midnight when Jessica Hernandez performed!

Jessica Hernandez singing during Women : A celebration of Art and Culture. from philip southern on Vimeo.

here are some other photo galleries and articles

Phew, the recovery from this amazing event had to be rushed because i will be included in 2 more shows... on in March at the Detroit Artists Market and on in April in Rochester!

I was able to get to some photos that have been on the back burner however.

women: a celebration of art and culture
the get up kids, Majestic Theater, October
the get up kids
the hub bike sprints
hub sprints
detroit on a snow day
detroit, snow day
Phreddy whischusen
Phreddy Wischusen

that is it for now. look up to the future... i will spend the first week in march on a much desired and needed vacation but will be interviewed on NPR tomorrow... and showing and shooting lots and lots when i get back!


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